Why you should be using video marketing

Why you should be using video marketing

Ready, set, action!

Wouldn’t it be great if you as a business owner, could go from home to home every day and have a few uninterrupted minutes to personally tell the people about your product or service. But unless you have access to Santa’s reindeer, this would obviously not be a viable way to get your message across.

With video marketing, however, this is quite possible, if not even a better option! You have the opportunity to enter homes, workspaces, waiting rooms, lobbies, hotel rooms, you name it. You can accompany your message with a song and a dance, with a catchy jingle or a memorable montage.

It is a fact that people are getting lazier to read, especially if it is not something that they are particularly interested in or that is not relevant to them. The average modern person is used to instant information – the ‘who, what, when, where, why and how’ dished up in an easily digestible package. They don’t want to sift through information to have these questions answered.

Video marketing is probably the easiest and most effective way to present such a ‘package’.

It has the dual advantage of having the viewer completely engaged, involving more of their senses than any other medium, as well as the ability to speak to an unengaged audience. How many of us have the television or laptop playing in the background while we are working or doing something else. We might not be actively engaged in what is happening on the screen, but our brains are processing all the sounds and sights.

One of the big challenges of advertising is how to put as much information as possible into a condensed space. Nobody has time to read a dissertation about why they should choose your business. Video medium is the perfect way in which to present a concise but informative snippet. It can convey a whole range of emotions using sound effects, music, backdrops and actors to set the required mood.

It is also an excellent way of accurately capturing the essence and personality of your company. Because the digital medium offers such a wide scope of creative possibilities, it is easy to tell your audience WHO you are whilst telling them what you offer.

We’re not saying you need to aim for a Golden Globe nomination, but video marketing is a powerful tool. It captures attention, creates emotion, arouses interest, leads to a sale and finally culminates in a loyal customer.

And that’s a wrap, folks!