Lead Generation blog

So, what is lead generation?

If you’re new to this, lead generation is not a competition between the baby boomers and Generation X or Y or Z, but rather the generating of sales leads for your business.

In marketing, a lead is a potential customer; someone who has indicated interest in your products or services.  Lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers, as well as initiating consumer interest or enquiry towards services or products offered by a business.

Whilst typing the introduction I was called for the umpteenth time today by a company that probably wants to sell me life insurance or give me a loan of sorts. I don’t know because I no longer answer the phone. Ever. If you need me, send an email… Rant aside, this is a lovely example of lead generation.

Generating leads can occur through a large number of channels. A 2015 study found that 89% of respondents cited email as the most used channel for lead generation, followed by content marketing, search engines, telemarketing (as mentioned) and finally through events. However, today, Facebook would probably be the number one platform for generating new leads.

Over the years, lead generation has developed into a fine art. Customers today are bombarded with marketing on every imaginable platform and it is becoming harder for companies to break through all the noise and traffic to pique the interest of a potential client.

Most customers are educated and well informed and they are able to do their own research. Therefore it is very important for a company to build a good digital presence. Marketers must focus on being found and learn to build continuous and lasting relationships with clients. A solid lead generation strategy will build trust and capture the interest of a potential buyer.

Because people are so overwhelmed with the amount of marketing aimed at them personally through letters, emails, text messages and phone calls, often from companies in which they have never expressed any interest, that they will easily delete a message or hang up the phone. Most of them probably feeling annoyed or even violated to a certain extent.

The key is to find unique ways to market yourself and attract people to your business and get them interested enough so that they want to hear from you! If you’re talking to them from the position of acquaintance or even a friend, rather than a stranger, you are much more likely to turn a lead into a loyal customer.

Lead generation takes time, patience and careful positioning, but it is a highly effective way of reaching new clients, cultivating a loyal customer base and building solid relationships with them.

And next time I am phoned by a telemarketer, I might just answer…