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Play to your strengths

Focus on your strengths, outsource the rest

Play to your strengths. These are wise words. But what exactly does it mean, you ask? It is to focus on what you are able to do well, rather than trying to do other things. People who apply this wisdom, whether it be in sports, in business or any other area in life, are the ones who come out at the top and are successful in their endeavours.

Those running small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) should be particularly aware of this. The business only has a capacity for a certain number of employees, but the business needs to grow. What happens? Every employee takes on jobs that they are not necessarily skilled at and they are most probably juggling more balls than they are able to. Somewhere along the line things are going to come crashing down, because the focus is not on what the core purpose of the business or enterprise is.

One of the most important aspects of a business is its marketing strategy. Without advertising, there aren’t sales, and without sales there is no business. In the same way as our lives have been changed by the World Wide Web, marketing strategies have changed and are constantly evolving to keep up with consumer habits. Digital marketing has both become simpler and more complicated. Let me explain…

Every person who is on social media and has access to the internet can be a photographer, a writer or even an advertiser. It is easy to post on Facebook or Gumtree or even create a WordPress website. But it is more complicated in the sense that there are people out there who are particularly skilled at these things. They are trained and their skills are honed and they know all the tricks of the marketing and consumer trade. And just as one would immediately spot the difference between an amateur painter’s work and a Monet, so one can spot the difference between expert marketing and an amateur job.

Outsourcing your digital marketing might be the best move your SME can ever make.

Digital marketing companies consist of a full team of web designers, graphic designers, copy writers, social media marketing experts and the like. It will be difficult to find one in-house person that can do all of that at an expert level.

The sole purpose of a digital marketing company is to leverage your business; to make sure that you have a noticeable online as well as offline presence. They will know exactly how and on which media platforms to advertise your SME in order to reach your desired target market and more.

The right digital marketing company will also strive to keep the integrity, personality and feel of your particular business and brand and will make sure that your message comes across in exactly the way you intended it.

Outsourcing your digital marketing versus an in-house marketing person will also be much more cost effective. A monthly retainer could be the same as monthly salary (depending on the contract), but there are no hassles of pension, medical aid, sick leave and all the other extras that comes with hiring an employee.

Another advantage is that your contract can be flexible and increase or decrease monthly, depending on your needs and your budget.

Focus on what your company is good at and keep doing it well. Let the digital marketing companies focus on what they are good at. Which is advertising your SME.

Play to your strengths.