Facebook vs Google Ads

Facebook vs Google Advertising

Whether you are a new business owner or one that has been around the block, I’m sure the question of whether to use Facebook or Google advertising has come up.

So how do they compare and which one is right for you? Let’s have a look…

Google Ads:

Google is by far the largest search engine out there – they handle about 40 000 search queries every second! No other search engine offers this large audience. Needless to say, one surely has a good chance of being found with so much traffic and that many eager shoppers online!

Their ads work on a pay per click (PPC) advertising platform. This means that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad or keywords. You can choose certain keywords that will lead people to your blog or website and then bid on these words to compete with business using similar words.

You can also choose to run your ad in a variety of formats – via search network (typing in of keywords) or via display network (visual ads such as banners or video or image links).

According to Google, advertisers make double what they spend, therefore it has quite a good return on investment (ROI).

Facebook Ads:

Similar to Google, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and hosts around 2 billion active users every month. That is a lot of eyes on your ad!

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on Facebook is that you can very easily reach a specific audience. Facebook specialized in tailoring advertisements to target audiences which were previously considered impossible. It is also a way for companies to get closer to their ideal customer in a more relaxed and social setting. You can customize your audience according to pretty much anything – Hobbies, job titles, favourite movies, location, relationship status, etc.

Instagram, Messenger and Audience network also belong to Facebook and they offer you the opportunity to advertise on these networks as well as on specific mobile devices.

Facebook ads are usually quite visual and blend seamlessly into the newsfeed. The cost per click is remarkably affordable and it has an excellent ROI

Both of these platforms offer a massive audience, locally or internationally and both allow you to choose your own budget and set up a custom made advertising campaign. Google is great for driving traffic with intent to convert. In other words, people who already have a need for a service or product will use Google with the intent to find a business that can adhere to their need. Facebook users on the other hand do not have a high intent to purchase. When you have a need for a dentist in your area, you surely won’t search for it on Facebook. But Facebook is very useful for lead generation, driving brand awareness and creating more traffic on your website.